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Era Software is enabling our organization to unlock much more value from our log data. With ultra-low cost, fast ingest, and real-time query performance at the core of their EraSearch platform, Era Software helps us centralize and analyze all our log data while eliminating engineering toil and the complexity of managing log data ourselves.

Ian ColeDirector of Engineering, Ivanti

What can EraSearch do for you?

Realize Savings
of up to 90%

Log everything affordably with best-in-class performance and compression from EraDB object-based architecture.

Eliminate Operational

Eliminate engineering toil of maintaining home-grown logging tools – with EraSearch, your data is always in the right tier.

Troubleshoot with
Lightning-Fast Queries

Analyze massive volumes of log data in real time with extremely fast EraSearch queries.

Scale Instantly to
Meet Demand

With EraSearch’s Kubernetes-based architecture, focus on scaling your cloud service without exponential costs or performance impact.

Visibility With
No Blind Spots

Resolve production issues faster with immediate access to volumes of log data upon ingestion.

Retain Data

Observe long-term trends with easy access to 12+ months of log data stored in durable object storage.

Solving Operational Complexity with Observability and Data Pipelines

Wednesday, Jan 19th10 am PST | 45 minutes

Flexible Deployment Options

Select a deployment option that's right for you


Pay as you grow flexibility

  • Fully hosted, maintained, and monitored by us
  • Pricing starts at $0.35/GB ingested
  • 60d retention by default, 1y w/ annual contract
  • SOC 2 Type 1 certified
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35 cents per GB


Secure predictability

  • Runs in your VPC
  • Connect to your Kubernetes cluster
  • Fixed annual cost based on scale of ingest
  • Self-managed
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What sets us apart?

By embracing the difficulties we encountered with other tools, we found our guiding principles.

Cloud-Native By Design

Building upon the separation of storage and compute is a must, but modern log management requires a fresh design for great performance.

Scale Without Limits

As data volumes grow unbounded, our near-linear scalability means that we’ll always be able to keep up with even the largest workloads.

Zero Schema Storage

With an understanding that logs are highly-varied, we built a storage engine that can handle whatever structure you want to throw at it.

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Petabyte-Scale Log Management for Everyone

The EraSearch observability and analytics platform delivers low-cost, high-scale, real-time log management for modern IT teams of any size. Store and analyze all your logs in one place and get back to building your business.