Announcing EraStreams to Help IT Reduce Observability Costs and Improve Resilience

EraStreams is a no-code data pipeline that lets users integrate, transform, and route observability data to EraSearch as well as third-party monitoring tools.

How Observability Accelerates Business Transformation with More Successful Outcomes

Without observability, digital transformation could be a risky journey, resulting in poorly performing services that will ultimately impact both the customer experience and the bottom line.

Enterprise-Ready Observability Data Management

Era Software elevates security with SOC 2 Type 1 certification and RBAC.

How to Protect Millions in Gaming Revenue with Observability

Learn how observability can help gaming companies protect millions in revenue

The 2022 State of Observability and Log Management Report

We are excited to announce the release of Era Software’s first ever State of Observability and Log Management report.

Join Era Software at SREcon and GDC

Stop by to chat with our experts and see how EraSearch can simplify your log management at scale.

How to Send Amazon CloudWatch logs to EraSearch for Cost-Effective Log Management

This blog will walk through the AWS and Vector configuration for centralizing CloudWatch logs in EraSearch.

3 Challenges of Integrating Data Pipelines into an Observability Data Management Strategy

Setting up a data pipeline is easy, but handling all the errors that can happen at each stage of the pipeline and not losing any data is really hard.

It's Time for an Observability Upgrade in Retail

In a new era where retail apps and digital services are tuned frequently to changing consumer needs, it becomes more critical to keep all your data centralized, in a single place, where they can be easily queried in real time, with minimal disruptions.

Observability into a Service Mesh with EraSearch

EraSearch gives you service-level insights into a service mesh with all the benefits that EraSearch is known for: separation of storage and compute, object storage, and zero-schema design for low-cost, high-performing, high-scale observability data management.

Why Ivanti Trusts EraCloud for Log Management at Scale

Ivanti needed a log management tool for their teams looking for better insights into application and infrastructure issues.

Unbuffered I/O Can Make Your Rust Programs Much Slower

In this post, we will look at a common source of bad performance on Rust code that can trip up even veteran developers, and what you can do when this happens in your programs.

Connecting Fluentd to EraSearch for Log Management

Using Fluentd for log collection? It's easy to utilize EraSearch as your log management solution!

Logstash, Fluentd, Fluent Bit, or Vector? How to Choose the Right Open-Source Log Collector

In this blog, we’ll discuss the most popular log collectors, including Logstash, Fluentd, Fluent Bit, and Vector.

Managing Massive Amounts of Log Data Requires Petabyte-Scale Architecture

This blog covers the main components of the EraSearch architecture that power transformational benefits.

How a Technology Provider Scaled Up to 75 Terabytes a Day to Support Growth While Optimizing Cloud Costs

The technology provider's success is evident from its reduction of operations toil and its ability to scale to 75 terabytes a day in just under a year.

Announcing EraCloud to Help Modern IT Teams Simplify Log Management

Era Software announces the general availability of EraCloud, a SaaS-based offering that includes the EraSearch observability and analytics platform optimized for real-time, low-cost log management.

Transforming Log Management with EraSearch

EraSearch allows you to finally run your own log management infrastructure without the hardware costs, operational complexity, and performance pitfalls of Elasticsearch.

Collect All Cloudflare Logs Cost-Effectively

Collect all your Cloudflare logs to improve IT and Security operations

Shipping Kubernetes Logs to EraSearch Using Vector

EraSearch provides the fastest and most cost-effective way to tackle Kubernetes logging correctly.

Why I joined: A new Era of logs and metrics

A new Era of logs and metrics