Announcing EraCloud to Help Modern IT Teams Simplify Log Management

Era Software announces the general availability of EraCloud, a SaaS-based offering that includes the EraSearch observability and analytics platform optimized for real-time, low-cost log management.

image of Announcing EraCloud to Help Modern IT Teams Simplify Log Management

Managing a large volume of logs is not an easy task for modern IT teams. There are often two choices— either paying the high price for traditional log management tools or building your own solution. The promise of building a “free” in-house log management solution based on open-source tools, such as Elasticsearch, often comes with a very high total cost of ownership (TCO). This high TCO is a result of unoptimized infrastructure, and the number of dedicated engineering resources needed to manage home-grown log management.

The EraSearch observability and analytics platform provides low-cost and real-time log management for modern IT, including DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, and IT Operations teams. With EraSearch, you get real-time visibility into all your log data from both applications and infrastructure, while eliminating engineering toil.

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of EraCloud, a SaaS offering that allows you to take advantage of the power of EraSearch without the need to host and manage it yourself. In addition to EraSearch, EraCloud features administrative functions to help you move from logs to insights in seconds. With EraCloud, provisioning EraSearch clusters, understanding billing, and managing log data is quick and seamless.

Our vision for EraCloud is to provide your organization with a one-stop solution for all its logging needs without operational complexity. With EraCloud, you will be able to ingest log data in any format, eliminating the need for pre-processing data or building and managing pipeline stages yourself. It will help eliminate ingest delays, backpressure, and queuing, while continuing to make data immediately available for searching. We aim to relieve IT teams of operational burden and to empower them to focus on contributing to their core business.

Get one free Terabyte of log data credits for a limited time

We are also happy to announce that we have a special EraCloud promotion for the next seven days. You get one free TB of log data ingestion and storage! Sign up at our website to claim your credits. Please note that this special offer is valid only until midnight Pacific Time on November 11.

"Era Software is enabling our organization to unlock much more value from our log data. With ultra-low cost, fast ingest, and real-time query performance at the core of their EraSearch platform, Era Software helps us centralize and analyze all our log data while eliminating engineering toil and the complexity of managing log data ourselves."

Ian Cole, Director of Engineering, Ivanti

Launching EraCloud in AWS Marketplace

We are also happy to announce the availability of EraCloud through AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Enterprises now can collect, store, and analyze petabyte-scale log data in real-time to unlock new operational and business insights at up to 90% lower cost than alternatives while eliminating complexity.

“We are thrilled that our customers can now deploy EraCloud directly from AWS Marketplace. This will enable IT teams to collaborate and innovate faster with unified access to all log data improving business outcomes.  With fast ingest and query performance on high volume log data, IT teams can make data-driven business and operations decisions and dramatically reduce logging infrastructure costs, all while harnessing the power of AWS. Furthermore, we can deliver this value from EraCloud to AWS customers with a single click and simplified billing.

Todd Persen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Era Software

"We are excited to see Era Software in AWS Marketplace. Modern IT Teams and customers can now unlock more critical insights even as data volumes continue to grow exponentially. They can now innovate faster while eliminating operational complexity, maximizing the value of their services from AWS."

Mona Chadha, Director, AWS Marketplace Category Management, AWS

Key EraSearch benefits to help teams unlock more insights

With EraCloud you’ll unlock the many benefits of EraSearch, including:

1. 0bserve cloud services faster and 90% cheaper

  • Collect, store, and analyze (in real-time) petabytes of log data at an extremely low cost

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze cloud applications and infrastructure issues with the industry's fastest ingest and search performance on high-volume log data

  • Dramatically reduce logging hardware costs

  • Eliminate blind spots and innovate faster with unified access to all log data

2. Unlock new operational and business insights by utilizing all your log data

  • Make data-driven business and operations decisions without worrying about what to collect

  • Glean new business insights from expanded collection and analysis of petabytes of log data

  • Understand short- and long-term operational cloud application trends and proactively plan capacities

  • Uncover new revenue streams by understanding new customer trends

3. Improve the productivity of DevOps and engineering teams

  • Accelerate innovation by freeing engineers from the toil of managing observability infrastructures

  • Improve collaboration of Dev and Ops teams without worrying about what to log (log everything!)

  • Improve user experience by delivering more stable and uninterrupted cloud services

Key EraSearch features

Many of the benefits of EraSearch are the results of the following features:

  • Innovative EraDB architecture. EraSearch is often 90% less expensive compared to the alternatives because of its underlying EraDB architecture featuring best-in-class performance and compression. It features decoupled storage and compute, low-cost object storage, zero-schema design, and automatic indexing, allowing teams to collect, store, and analyze all their log data in one place.

  • Ultra-fast data ingest. Modern IT teams can meet SLOs/SLAs with immediate access to log data that is ready to be searched as soon as it is ingested, making EraSearch essential for fast-moving DevOps and SRE teams that frequently make fleet-wide container updates.

  • Intuitive UI. The EraSearch UI allows you to search, iterate, and isolate issues across the enterprise.

  • Lightning-fast queries. EraSearch queries are extremely fast and optimized for analyzing high-volume log data.

  • Analytics-driven alerting. EraSearch analytics-driven alerting helps identify and resolve any application, infrastructure, operational, or code problems early.

  • Twelve months of log data retention with dynamic synchronized caching. Observe long-term trends and service fluctuations with easy access to log data, stored in durable object storage and always kept up to date.

  • Elasticsearch API. EraSearch supports a subset of the Elasticsearch API, making it ideal for organizations looking to lower costs and avoid the operational toil of managing Elasticsearch deployments.

Take advantage of our special promotion and try EraCloud now!