Why Ivanti Trusts EraCloud for Log Management at Scale

Ivanti needed a log management tool for their teams looking for better insights into application and infrastructure issues.

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It's my pleasure to start the new year with a great customer success story. I talked with Dan Sparks, a director of Business Apps at Ivanti, and Ian Cole, a director of Cloud Operations at Ivanti. With Ivanti’s combined portfolio of applications, their teams collect a high volume of log data. Support and operations teams need to effectively and quickly search logs using a variety of different criteria to help identify ongoing issues, solve customer problems, and gain insights on what's going on in the hosted environments.

The Challenges

Traditional log management tools are too expensive

Ivanti needed a log management tool for their teams looking for better insights into application and infrastructure issues. Their logs came in various formats and from a variety of sources. Initially, the Ivanti team selected a well-known log management tool, but they didn't like the licensing model and the escalating costs. Due to escalating costs, they had this solution process only the most critical log records. Even with the collection of only the most important logs, the volume of logs coming from all of Ivanti’s applications to that tool was large enough to cause rollover of data after 30 minutes. This was quite challenging for the support team because if an issue was hard to reproduce, any data related to the problem disappeared after a rollover.

A cloud log management tool that was hard to manage

Ivanti evaluated another traditional log management vendor as well but ran into management and cost issues with that vendor, too. To control the pricing for this vendor, Ivanti had to use different indexes with different costs so that each team had the data and the retention they wanted.

But they had to change indexes on a monthly or bimonthly basis which caused unnecessary manual work. Many Ivanti users stopped using this tool because it was too hard to keep up with the changes. Most of the users were forced to contact a small number of SMEs, who were eventually overwhelmed by the support they had to give to their peers. 

The onboarding of EraCloud was seamless. The fact that EraCloud was so quickly brought up to speed, and everything was working and rock-solid, was important. Usually adopting a new log management platform is very painful, and this was almost no pain

-        Dan Sparks, a director of Business Apps at Ivanti

The Solution

EraCloud versatility

Ivanti’s teams had to look for a new log management solution. The leading contenders for the log management tool replacement were Elasticsearch and EraCloud. One of Ivanti’s product lines is specifically configured to use a Splunk connector, and Elasticsearch doesn’t provide support for it. The teams were faced with the following choices: working with a third-party vendor to develop support for the connector; developing in-house connector support and then managing and maintaining it; finding a provider that had the connector support natively built-in. EraCloud was the solution that, among other features, provides native support for the Splunk connector.

Ivanti is using EraCloud predominantly for processing application logs, as well as some Microsoft IIS and other system logs. Ivanti’s applications are built with the .NET framework. 

EraCloud is the go-to place for troubleshooting 

When an Ivanti customer gets an error while trying to perform some action within an application or finds something that is not performing as expected, EraCloud is now the primary source for Ivanti support to better understand the issue. 

EraCloud users at Ivanti can now see trends, further analyze these trends, and do correlations. Users can be very prescriptive about what they're searching for and can see the frequency of certain events. Furthermore, EraCloud users can drill down into what's going on in Ivanti’s hosted applications that might be causing an adverse experience for their customers.

The Results 

Easy onboarding

According to Ivanti’s team, the onboarding process and Era’s responsiveness to issues that Ivanti encountered were exceptional and refreshing. A couple of issues were discovered during the onboarding process. Era’s commitment to jump in and resolve those issues so that Ivanti’s teams could get up and running as quickly as possible was fantastic. 

Some of the other log management tool vendors Ivanti has been working with were saying: "Yeah, okay, we'll get around to it." Not so with the Era team. Due to quick support from Era, EraCloud was up and running in less than two weeks, well before Ivanti expected it to be.

Significant time savings for the support team

Ivanti’s support team is very happy with the EraCloud UI; they've found searching in EraCloud super simple. Just getting EraCloud in front of the support team was a huge thing for them. The Ivanti support team was in a very painful place prior to having EraCloud, and they were involved with vetting during vendor selection. Among other features, they liked the interface and the searchability that Era offered.

A support team is always looking for simplification when using any tool, and that’s what they get with EraCloud. Every support team member knows how to search with EraCloud, and they get the results back very quickly. Prior to EraCloud, it took up to 40 minutes per complaint per customer, and now they can get results in just a couple of minutes. So, it's a significant time-saver for the support team.

Trust in presented data because all logs are collected

It is crucial to trust the results presented by a log monitoring tool that come from processing collected data. No one wants to wonder whether results are ambiguous or incomplete, causing support to go back to the customer to ask them to do something else or to run another query. Now, it's easy for Ivanti’s team members to get the information they need from EraCloud and trust the information presented to them. It’s not just about the efficiency of its data collection, but also the trust of team members in EraCloud results.

That trust comes from the fact that EraCloud users can search for any log data because of the resiliency of EraCloud and the fact that all logs are ingested without losing any messages. If a user searches for a particular message or ID, then all log information in that specific period is visible to a user.

EraCloud is simply effective

The Ivanti team describes EraCloud as effective. Ultimately what Ivanti’s teams are looking for is efficiency – efficiency in the functionality of the tool, in cost, and in ease of deployment.


Ivanti used traditional log monitoring tools in the past but had pricing issues, and the management of the tools was complex. After migrating to EraCloud, Ivanti enjoyed many benefits, including easy onboarding, powerful troubleshooting, cost savings, and the full trust of teams in presented data. And, EraCloud is well-positioned to compete for expansion within Ivanti because of its capability to scale well at a reasonable price point.

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