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  • We believe in working hard, but not at the expense of our personal health and wellness.

    We strive to offer great benefits to ensure that we are all healthy both in and out of the office.

    • Competitive Pay

    • 401(k) with 6% matching

    • Unlimited PTO

    • Stock options

    • Health coverage for you and your family

    • Learning and growth opportunities

What We Look For in Teammates

We strive for our culture to be one of kindness as well as technical excellence. Our promise is to do our best to prioritize your well-being—both on the job and outside of it. Your teammates will support your creativity, provide clear communication, and give you the encouragement you need to thrive.

Help Us Build the Database of the Future

Because time-series data has become so ubiquitous, we believe that every background brings something interesting to the team.

  • Distributed Systems Engineer

    Databases in the modern age require unprecedented scale, which comes with a great deal of complexity. As a Distributed Systems Engineer, you will help us build out the core components of EraDB to ensure that we push the limits of scalability, performance, and reliability. We are looking for engineers who will help us continue to build correct, stable systems.

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  • Senior Data Scientist

    As a Data Scientist, you will join our small but mighty team at the early stage of this product, and you will work together with our team to implement and ship a world-class product. You will uncover valuable insights, adding intelligence to our existing and future products. The work you will do will be a combination of finding quick wins and developing longer term research.

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  • Database Engineer

    We are looking for a Data Engineer to join our technical team to help us gain useful insight out of raw data, and automate data creation and retrieval. Your ultimate goal will be to help improve our products and business decisions by making the most out of our data, finding creative ways to improve and obtain new data, and helping to build out our incredible data team.

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About Era Software

We believe that the future of time‑series analytics requires a novel approach to handling hyper‑cardinality data. Era Software is the company we are building to make that goal a reality.

Meet the Founders

Industry veterans who are assembling a team of experts to innovate in distributed systems, machine learning, and database engineering.

  • Todd Persen

    CEO and Co-founder

    Co-Founder and former CTO of InfluxData (YC W13), which has raised over $120M. Most recently served as a Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal overseeing the Data Observability effort for Cloud Foundry. Co-creator of the Time Series Benchmarking Suite, the industry-standard tool for comparing time series databases.

  • Robert Winslow

    CTO and Co-founder

    Most recently working as an AI Consultant and a teacher of Bayesian statistics, Robert is a recurring track host at Data Council. Co-Maintainer of Google’s FlatBuffers low-latency storage framework in Rust. Co-creator of the Time Series Benchmarking Suite, the industry-standard tool for comparing time series databases.