Hear from our customers how Era Software improves their operational efficiency and their margins.

Why Ivanti Trusts EraCloud for Log Management at Scale

Ivanti enjoys many benefits from EraCloud, including easy onboarding, powerful troubleshooting, cost savings, and full trust of teams in the data.

“The onboarding of EraCloud was seamless. The fact that EraCloud was so quickly brought up to speed, and everything was working and rock solid, that was important. Usually adopting a new log management platform is very painful, and this was almost no pain.”

Dan Sparks Director of Business Apps

A Technology Provider Scaled Up to 75 Terabytes a Day without Toil

With EraSearch, the technology provider has reduced operations toil, resulting in increased productivity and improved margins. Now, their business and technical decision makers can focus on introducing a new business model to generate new revenue streams.

  • Increased team productivity 2x
  • Reduced logging costs by 90%
  • Improved margins from 20% to 90%