Era Software


This page defines commonly used terms for Era Software products.


A document is a JSON object made up of data. In EraSearch, all documents have a unique identifier (_id) and a timestamp (_ts). Most documents include additional fields. Here's an example of a document:



EraCloud is Era Software’s SaaS product, offering hosted EraSearch. As of October 2021, EraCloud supports Amazon Web Services only. Future releases will include Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.


EraSearch is Era Software’s platform for log management. EraSearch has two main parts:

  • EraSearch database - A high-performance, cost-optimized, and scalable database
  • EraSearch UI - A UI for exploring and interacting with log data


A field is data stored as a key and value pair.


An index is a group of similar documents. With EraSearch, you can query documents in one or more indexes to optimize your searches.