Replace Elasticsearch Log Management with Ease

Say goodbye to the rising cost of maintaining and scaling Elasticsearch


Disks Reduction

50% reduction in number of disks and overall capacity by replicating data to object storage


40% or better compression advantage for improved storage efficiency

Team Productivity

Up to 90% increase accelerates productivity, operational efficiency, and time-to-value

Overall Costs

Up to 90% reduction to stay ahead of growth while maintaining full ingest volume

See the difference in scale, performance, and toil

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the architecture differences between Elasticsearch and EraSearch.

How EraSearch Scales to Meet Log Management Challenges

Eliminate Operational Toil

The skills required to manage and optimize shards, tune memory and garbage collection, and manage replicas increase complexity and toil. With EraSearch, operators no longer need to plan and manage shard sizes and replication.

Optimal Price-Performance

Elasticsearch’s shard and replica implementation requires more infrastructure to achieve performance at scale. EraSearch optimizes performance and cloud cost using less infrastructure and object storage.

Better Ingestion Scaling

Elasticsearch’s scale is limited by its inability to rebalance individual indexes, and the toil in optimizing the system for logging. EraSearch's cloud-native architecture and multi-tier design allow for scaling both ingestion and querying of petabyte-scale data.

Case Study

From Elasticsearch to EraSearch

How a technology provider scaled up to 75 terabytes a day to support growth while optimizing cloud costs.