Petabyte-Scale Log Management for Modern IT and Security

Log management doesn’t need to be expensive at scale. Log everything easily and affordably for complete visibility into your cloud environments.

Take Log Management
to the Next Level

Only EraSearch gives you the scale,
performance, and cost savings that turn log
data into actionable insights.

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High-performance, low-cost

Unlock more insights by centralizing all log data and removing operational complexity

Visibility with No Blind Spots

Resolve production issues faster with immediate access to data upon ingestion

Realize Savings of up to 90%

Log everything affordably with decoupled storage, compute and compression

Improve Team Productivity

Reduce engineering toil of maintaining and scaling home-grown logging tools

How EraSearch Scales without Toil


Built afresh to handle high log data volumes and sustain growth

Cloud-Native Our Kubernetes-based architecture is tuned for cloud-scale workloads, without exponential costs or performance impact. Dynamic Scaling Every EraSearch tier can scale up or down - crucial for environments with containers and microservices. Object Storage Enjoy low-cost, limitlessly scalable data store for large volumes of data. IT and security teams can just log everything.


Rapidly collect, store, and explore data from multiple sources

Caching Place data in a caching tier for rapid, efficient querying while maintaining the benefit of cheap, scalable object storage. Replication factor Running all your data on hot nodes while keeping a full copy in a cold object store increases durability and performance. Zero schema Because data does not have to be structured before it’s queried, data ingestion and searchability is fast.


Act on data within the EraSearch UI or use your visualization tool

Real-time Search all logs as soon as they are ingested. Spot and prevent infrastructure and application degradation before it escalates. Extensible Use tools you rely on. Explore data with an Elasticsearch-like language through our Elasticsearch API support. Integrated Intelligence Collaborate and troubleshoot faster with integrated tools including Grafana, Cloudflare, CloudWatch, Slack, PagerDuty.

Key Capabilities

Fast Ingest

Ultra-fast log data ingest, zero schema

Fast Queries

Faster troubleshooting of production issues

Object Storage

Low-cost, durable storage for cold data


Quick alert notifications and action

K8s-based Architecture

Optimized for scale and price-performance

Intuitive UI

Visualizations make working with data easy

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