Integrate, transform, and deliver observability data with no-code data pipelines

Change the way you work with data. Act in real time to improve operations reliability and security.


Cost and Data Volume Reduction

Filter and send less log data to Splunk or other expensive monitoring tools without sacrificing fidelity

Integrated Low-Cost Storage

Route data anywhere with the flexibility to store and explore data in EraSearch cost-effectively

Integrated Petabyte-Scale Search

Integration with EraSearch provides the most scalable platform for storing and querying data

How IT and security teams improve operations with EraStreams


Use real-time filters to reduce data volume sent to expensive tools and optionally store a full copy of unfiltered data in EraSearch to keep costs low.


Enrich, transform, and deliver optimized data where you need it while protecting sensitive data by redacting fields containing PII.


Minimize downtime and maximize data availability with dynamic backpressure management, dynamic reconfiguration, and built-in validation mechanisms.

Use Cases

Observability Data Cost Optimization

Filter data sent to Splunk, but maintain full observability

Effective Troubleshooting

Increase visibility and gain context for faster troubleshooting

Compliance and Risk Management

Mask PII before it reaches downstream users

Data Integration

Integrate optimized datasets in various applications and tools