Press Release February 9th, 2022

Era Software's Unique Culture Contributes to 238% Employee Increase in 2021

Company continues solving observability data sprawl issues with its EraSearch Observability Platform and EraCloud

News summary

-Introduced the EraSearch observability and analytics platform

-Announced $15.25M Series A funding round

-Launched EraCloud

-Announced customer partnership with Ivanti

SEATTLE, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Era Software, the observability and analytics company, today announced it increased its total number of employees by 238% in 2021. The company has been 100% remote-based since its inception in 2019 and attributes the ability to attract top talent across departments to its unique culture – truly putting people first through programs, unique interactions, and competitive benefits. 

"We started this company to solve hard problems related to data for organizations. From the beginning, we knew that to achieve these goals, we needed to take care of our employees and create a culture that is inspiring, promotes curiosity, and fulfills individual goals as well as achieves the company goals," said Todd Persen, co-founder and CEO, Era Software. "Creating and sustaining a healthy and vibrant culture takes ongoing work which we will continue."

During 2021, Era Software accomplished several milestones. In February, the company introduced the EraSearch observability and analytics platform that provides low-cost and real-time log management for modern IT, including DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, and IT Operations teams. With EraSearch, organizations get real-time visibility into all their log data from both applications and infrastructure, while eliminating engineering toil. In addition, they experience up to 90% reduction in overall log management costs.

In April the company announced it closed a $15.25M Series A financing round led by Playground Global. And in November, announced EraCloud, a SaaS offering allowing customers to use EraSearch without the need to host and manage it themselves. EraCloud gives organizations a one-stop solution for all logging needs without operational complexity. EraCloud is currently available in the AWS Marketplace.

Era Software also added Ivanti, an IT software company based in Utah, as an EraCloud customer, specifically for log management.

Company new hires include Stela Udovicic, senior vice president of marketing, Sean Keough, vice president of finance; Robert Place, vice president of demand, Lori Bertelli, vice president of communications; Karen Pieper, vice president of engineering, Tim Ebbers, head of solutions engineering and Matt Saldivar, head of sales, Americas.

"Not only does Era Software have a huge market opportunity with its break-through technology, the company's passion, inclusive culture, and innovative spirit make it enviable. Our technology represents the newest observability wave built on object storage, that empowers organizations to unlock more critical insights from their data," said Udovicic. "I feel truly honored to join this company with this culture during such a transformational time in the observability and data analytics industry."